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Newsletter – November 25, 2016

The Third Employees’ Skills Competition held with A Great Success in Chuzhou. To improve employees operating skills, rectify style of work, improve product quality and working efficiency, and create harmonious atmosphere in plants, Chuzhou factory, the Third Employees’ Skills Competition was held on November 25th in 2016.

This competition includes 25 basic operation skills in four plants, namely injection molding, ice making, harnesses as well as motors. Compared with previous competitions, this one had larger scope and more competition contents. Besides, this is the first time to arrange production, quality, researches and comprehensive departments together to participate in so that the key positions are 80% participants of the competition.

After two-hour competition, first, second and third prizes were awarded for each competition event. After competitors awarded by leaderships, they took pictures, the competition was ended with a success in a passionate atmosphere.

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