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Newsletter – December 18, 2016

Congratulations Flurida (Chuzhou) on Its Successful Signing Ceremony for the Listed. In the morning of December 18, a grand signing ceremony for the listed of Chuzhou Flurida Mechanical Electronics Co., Ltd was held in Chuzhou Economic Development Zone. Flurida (Chuzhou) signed respectively with Northeast Securities, Grandall Law Firm, Huapu Tianjian Certified Public Accountants on launch-related matters.

The related officials of Chuzhou city government, Bilong Sheng, Lihua Liu, Jinxi Cao, Yongmei Xiao, etc. attended the ceremony. Guojin Chen, the dean of School of Mechanical Engineering of Hanzhou Dianzi University, and other professors were invited to be represented in the signing ceremony.

The successful completion of the signing ceremony indicates that the IPO process of Flurida (Chuzhou) has been launched officially. Chuzhou Flurida Mechanical Electronics Co., Ltd will be more high-spirited attitude to flourish in order to enhance people’s life quality for the vision, to create ‘ice, water, air’ as the core of healthy ecological home appliance portfolio, adhering to the management concept ‘profession creates value’ to make innovation and development. The new chapter of Flurida (Chuzhou) will be opened!

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