Flurida Appliances

Flurida Appliances offers varieties of ice and water dispenser systems, including ice & water dispenser, automatic nugget ice ice dispenser for family, office, hotel and fitness center use.

We provide different models to meet your needs – freestanding and countertop with dispense options that provide you with crescent or crushed ice, hot and room temperature water. We are dedicated to helping American families enjoy safe clean water and ice with its bottled water or 4-stage filtration dispenser systems. We allow families peace of mind as they enjoy clean fresh water and ice.

In 2020, we present our automatic nugget ice dispneser. This compact automatic nugget ice dispenser allows you to enjoy chewable ice with the touch of a button and makes nugget ice within 15 minutes with 26 pounds of nugget ice capacity per day. With its automatic cleaning and descaling programs, the unit keeps in a good sanitary and operational condition all the time. Less than 17.5 inches in height allows for installations on any counters and tables, which is perfect for the Nugget Ice enthusiasts and great for use in the home, at the pool, or behind a bar.

Headquartered in Los Angeles California, Flurida Appliances is the result of 20 years of experience manufacturing and designing ice and water dispenser systems for major appliance manufacturers. Our state of the art products and sleek designs are adaptable to any décor. Our vision is to improve the quality of water and ice while enhancing people’s quality of life.